Why Us?

We are an insurance broker that has been established since 2004. With new enthusiasm, we started a business vision to pioneer a digital insurance platform in Indonesia. In several years, we have exceeded expectations and achieved a history as a digital-based insurance broker in Indonesia.

We welcome individuals who are creative and dynamic and have a high desire for personal and professional development. We are committed to bringing out the best in you by offering opportunities for advancement and growth and providing life-changing careers.

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Operations specifically work with the expertise and ability to provide special solutions related to treating various insured risks for the right business in various categories from manufacturing, financial services, transportation, and logistics.

Technical Services covers the process from start to end, from the client search for a product until receiving the product. This team analyzes & monitors Key Performance Indicators and analyzes if operational performance get fluctuates. We have Non Life and Health & Life on this team.

Marketing is an important part of our company. Marketing develops strategies to promote insurance products to B2B clients and individuals. Marketing is responsible for offering Health & Life and Non Life insurance products according to consumer needs. Marketing works closely with Operations and Support to localize and adapt strategies to increase brand awareness and acquisition in each market.

Support Division helps our business processes on operational needs. Support Division has a main role in supporting everything needed to provide management support. In this division, we have Corporate Services, Information Technology, and Finance & Accounting Divisions.

Career Growth

We always provide the best for employee facilities and welfare. We give opportunities for employees to develop and improve their skills. We provide a colorful work environment to promote a comfortable, collaborative and innovative work culture.

If you are from a reputable university, Join Us! Find a new journey by enhancing your career with us.