Consulting Services

Risk Advisory

Businesses today are facing ever greater challenges and just within a span of one generation, businesses have to adapt to new marketing channels, technologies, globalization and new set of financial challenges. Gone are the days when a business can be a jack of all trade, certain aspects of the business will be better handled by experts in their respective fields. We come in to fill the shoe as people who understand insurance, have the network, capability and expertise to design the most appropriate risk mitigation insurance program.

Our Risk Mitigation Services

Non Life Insurance or General Insurance provides insurance needs for our clients. Our products are as follows Property All Risk Insurance, Construction All Risk Insurance, Erection All Risk Insurance, Earthquake Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance, Personal Accident Plus Insurance, Liability Insurance, Trade Credit Insurance, Heavy Equipment Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, and other Tailor Made Product Insurance. We also can accommodate and create the best insurance policy according to the client's needs, where all the policy conditions terms we have provided are the best for our clients.

Health & Life Insurance plan refers to insurance offered by employers to their current employees in the form of a group insurance program. Health & Life Insurance plan typically includes the following basic coverage package; group health insurance: inpatient-outpatient-dental, and group term life insurance. We will help you in providing the best health insurance according to the needs of employees and companies. We have experts in providing the best service from benefit planning, claim analysis, wellness programs, and 24 - Hour customer assistance services.

Syariah Insurance is an attempt to protect and help each other among participants, which is conducted through the collection and management of tabarru funds and made a return pattern for dealing with certain risks through an agreement that accordance with Syariah principles. Our products are follow Syariah Health Insurance, Syariah Property All Risk Insurance, and Hajj and Umrah Insurance.

Business Advisory

Being able to constantly grow revenue and increase profits are a set of challenges in their own. The ever-changing customer needs and expectations require agility and innovations if a business is to stay ahead. With the boom of digital businesses all across the globe, access to consumers and their needs have never been closer. We are here to assist businesses to capitalize insurance as an opportunity to increase revenue and profit growth. We design programs that allow for upselling initiatives.

Our Business Cases

In this project we’re on a tripartite collaboration with OVO and Prudential Life Assurance to support OVO's in-app Prudential life insurance offering to OVO customers. Appointing a broker is a compliance requirement in offering insurance products digitally, however appointing the right broker is crucial in ensuring smooth business operations and continuation. This appointment highlights our capability and focus in digitizing insurance processes, also in keeping up with the demanding competition of the ‘digital insurance’ market.

At the beginning of the introduction of Protego - our gadget protection brand to the mobile phone retail market, it became our unique journey in opening a raw market; where we convinced and ultimately succeeded in proving that insurance has the potential as a profitable new line of business for them. Today, insurance sales has become the second most profitable business after sales of mobile units in each of their sales outlets.

As one of the sectors which experience an accelerated traffic as of the Covid-19 pandemic, courier providers face a rising risk in delivering their services. We custom the most appropriate cargo insurance products and processes for AnterAja’s hundred thousands of daily transactions from various sources of business and modes of cargo services. Servicing our partner AnterAja and their Customers through B2C, B2B and B2B2C cargo insurance offering with each shipping transaction and their respective claims since October 2021; we once again prove our readiness, agility and capability in adding value to our business partner by managing ultra-high volume of registration and claim transactions through digitization and progressive mindset.